Good news!

Ian Murphy, the awesome editor of the awesome Buffalo alternative weekly The Beast who pwned Scott Walker in that genius prank phone call, is running in the special election on the Green Party ticket to replace shirtless tranny lover Chris Lee  in NY’s 26th. It seems to be a legitimate run, though I don’t think he’s got much of a chance. But you never know.

The district trends Republican, and ordinarily any Green run would pull votes from a beleaguered Democratic nominee, Katy Hochul, in this case,  but the GOP nominee Jane Corwin is facing competition from Jack Davis, who wasn’t able to get the GOP nomination but has managed to get on the ballot on the Tea Party line. He’s not an actual Tea Party candidate. There was a Tea Party-supported nitwit trying to get on the ballot as well, but the loser apparently screwed up the paperwork. I think you can count on people pulling the lever for Davis simply based on how he’s listed, which might be enough to spoil the GOP ticket. In any case, with this many hats in the ring, anything’s possible.

With any luck if people get excited about the utter awesomeness of Murphy, it  might be able get him in to Congress.

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