If it keeps on rainin’ the levee’s goin’ to break

So, yes, Christie BFF Wildstein isn’t taking the fall for the whole bridge thing after all, and is now saying that he has proof Christie knew everything all along. But you knew that already. Here’s more Sandy stuff.

Christie provided nearly $4.8 million in Sandy funds to a luxury high-rise condo building project of a politically well-connected donor that is being built in New Brunswick. The city where I work. Which I can tell you is nowhere near the shore.

The grift goes on …

… and the grift goes on. Proving that nothing is more lucrative than shaking down rubes for their social security checks and reverse mortgage payments, Ben Carson is joining up with Newt’s legendary American Legacy.

Media Matters: “For the calendar year, American Legacy reports that it raised $2,035,235, and spent $2,044,022. It disbursed $42,750.00 to ‘Fed. Candidates/Committees and Other Political Committees,’ or roughly 2.1 percent of what it raised.”

The other money? “Millions to Gingrich’s ‘pals and past aides’.” Good friend to have. The only qualifications it takes it would seem to get that kind of money are lack of shame and a strong stomach. Oh, and a squawking head position on a cable news channel doesn’t hurt.


Virginia Is for Schadenfreude

There’s certainly more to be said about New Jersey and Chris Christie, but before I became a hard-and-fast Garden Stater, I was a Virginian.

So the news that now former Governor McDonnell has been indicted on 14 felony counts of accepting improper gifts while in office fills me with a bleak sort of satisfaction. It’s not entirely that the guy was an insufferable dick, but also that this represents that state finally coming around to entrenched corruption in the state-level GOP.

Hey, maybe it’d be true that McCauliffe would rise to the same level of corruption if it weren’t for the public pressure to revise Virginia’s ridiculously lax rules about money and politics, but I doubt it. There are some things that Republicans do tend to excel at.

Maybe now the southeastern states will stop being the mostly likely to elect crooks, demagogues, and idiots to their statehouses? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Snowflakes, arthropods, and architecture

You’re looking for continuing coverage of the Christie thing? Sigh. Look here. So apparently Christie lied about the amount of contact with his high school chum, David “Same Answer” Wildstein. As a NJ transplant and enthusiastic Garden Stater, perhaps the world looks to me to help parse out the scandal. But likely not, and I’m getting bored with it already.

Instead, check out these pictures of really small, and then really large, things.


Wired has the story here. Alexey Kljatov, a Russian photographer who works with WWII era camera, duct tape, and found equipment.


Very cool. The use of crude equipment in an improvised studio reminds me of Wilson Bentley who specialized in snowflake pictures over a century ago. You’re welcome.


Oh, the really large things?